Governor Rick Perrys need new ideas for the sake of the economy.

Governor Rick Perrys need new ideas – for the sake of the economy, and the countryAmerica needs to work two healthy political parties. With Senator Arlen Specter decision yesterday but one of those parties, the Republicans ,, is in serious danger – especially when the former SNL funny man Al Franken is seated in Minnesota. It turns out that you do not have enough people pulling join forces by an agenda that evangelical, pro-gun, anti-immigrant, anti – spending and anti-tax or a filibuster-capable minority in the Senate is waiting.

Check back every Tuesday and Friday for Morgan Housel columns on finance and economics.disappointment with this week ‘s budget deal was predictable. Once said that once said that responsible sometimes means pissing people. This Act did just that. Either it is not enough to cut or cut it too much, or cut into the wrong areas, or it is not taxes, be left the door open for new taxes. Very few are happy.

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