Respite in the works for Americans living in CanadaMr.

Respite in the works for Americans living in CanadaMr. Jacobson said explanations of the IRS rules , as it is the citizens of countries other than Canada and apply to come, even though he was not sure of the timing. This situation is the cause of great anxiety for many dual – citizen Canadians. We share their concerns and have responded directly with the U.S. Government. We have worked closely with them on a common sensible solution and appreciate their dedication? Flaherty said.

Are the promised recovery despite the damage has already spent for some of the thousands are performed on accounting and legal fees.David Jacobson, the U.S. Ambassador to Canada, said the expected clarifications in response to come a lot of anxiety? from two citizens who didn? t know they had an obligation to file. He said the move underscores? Unique relationship? between the two countries.

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