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Oil market, high inventories ignores, for example, said the organization for Economic cooperation and Development OECD countries now have a huge 61.6-day supply of oil in storage tanks, compared to the normal 50 – day supply. In recessions.bove sink with flat – to – declining gasoline demand in the United States and very low oil demand in the emerging economies and it shows on the oil price. It did not take place. After one month battle for $ 50, the oil is above $ 60, as if the U.S. And the world economy have been extended and not increased in recessions. Less than three months in February, the oil at around at about $ 38: the price has risen about 55 % since then – a massive movement in a robust economy, let alone in a global recession.

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The action was out of of our conviction that systemic stress in euro area in the past weeks to the degree that they well a downward pressure on the credit quality the euro area asked grown as a whole, Fr said in a statement.

Of the 17 countries make up the euro – area is Cyprus valuation been presented negative impact on credit watch and assessed S & P Greece CC, which has already established for highly susceptible to failures around phrase.. The two other large rating agencies, Moody’s and Fitch are already said it could soon become check the reviews of top places-rated the euro area countries , but they are still a stable outlook to to them.