Alfred Sorensen.

Alfred Sorensen, who formed the company 18 months ago, says his proposal calls for the storage and export of five million tons of liquefied natural gas per year.The President of Pieridae Energy Canada says he is looking for is gas sources for liquefied and exported from the Guysborough County Community Goldboro, about 200 kilometers northeast of Halifax.

None of us has recorded on it, says Miller, and I do not expect anyone wants. Part of it may be due to the program requirements: take advantage of the offer, drinkers have to show at home with their immediate family and a copy of their license to the funeral. You must then fill out funeral funeral and write letters to their loved ones, to explain why gamble gamble their lives on New Year’s Eve.. Before suggestions, which would not go aimed to buy supplies of liquefied natural gas and process it in Goldboro.Guysborough, N.s.? A liquefied natural gas export project? In Nova Scotia South east bank proposed.There have been previous efforts with such a development in the area continue, but Sorensen says his project is different, because its aim is to buy natural gas and export it to markets such as Europe and India.However notes with Concerns for nationwide power networks not matches an important role.

There the fear of crippling cyber attack on the nation power grids as vulnerabilities in computer networks the you are Wallstreet Wall Street Journal notes under appealing to a Department of Energy recently published reported.

The Department of Energy notes, however, that several of these known vulnerabilities even unresolved. – includes found some vulnerability in the grids ‘ computer network ‘well known unsafe[ software] coding practices’ that are too many portal as entry points as entry points to computer systems, weak passwords and insufficient encoding to the computer lines that the transfer of communication between nation electricity grids according to the Journal. Apparently, these, these problems have been revealed by the Department of Energy when performing test on computer systems over a period of of six up to In 2009 the magazine.. Questions about the security to the nation grid system of cyber attacks has been around for a series of years, but you has a lot more attention after nine elevenths terrorist attack.