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Volume rose as a result of Davis empire-building.

Volume rose as a result of Davis ‘ empire-building. MF Global gave 1.5 billion exchange-traded futures and options in the 2007 fiscal year ending that March., Up 49 percent from the previous year and more than double in 2004.

Overall imposed by the CFTC MF Global more than $ 12,000 in the Davis era, with $ 10 million, with with the failure on Dooley debacle together. But two other quotes as are disturbing.

On 27 February 2008 was a registered dealer named Evan Dooley a bad bet on wheat futures and forces the companies to $ 141,000 to cover losses in. Breaking news of the scandal would be the next morning, which sell to investors to panic. Continue reading

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These figures come from a Reddit AMA meeting with members of Microsoft ‘s Surface team. When asked how much space Windows RT takes, said Microsoft ‘s Surface Test Manager, Ricardo Lopez, it is about 20 GB of free space after Windows – RT, RT Office, and a couple of his apps. Continue reading

The government forecasts Portugals economy 3 % this year and 1 % in 2013 to shrink.

The government forecasts Portugal’s economy 3 % this year and 1 % in 2013 to shrink.Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho said he was ready earlier and deeply unpopular proposal to lift the workers social security contributions next year scrap cutting corporate tax. Many people that as unfair.

Will be.l’s government Eyes New Income TaxesThe retraction is a setback for Passos Coelho government won praise from the international creditors has forever on with the business of severity. ‘The only way to through through taxes,’he told reporters after three hours of talks. ‘Income is the most important way to achieve this goal will be. ‘. Continue reading